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Based on 7 reviews
A fantastic buy, even for advanced stitchers

My boyfriend didn't get me this book for Christmas since I have been stitching for more than 20 years and can easily make patterns from sprites myself (He got me the artbook instead, and it was still amazing so I regret nothing).

But I still wanted it, so I bought it for myself anyway. And my, I do not regret buying this! The tutorial section is absolutely hilarious and does a good job at explaining cross stitch in a funny way. The suggestions of items to make are actually excellent ideas, I had never thought about some of them (The biscornu cushion looks adorable and I'm probably gonna stitch a thousand of them). I love all the comments from the characters throughout the book. Just for these I think the buy was worth it. The patterns are really shown in a fun way, and even if I could have figured how to stitch them myself, not having to find the exact shade of dmc I need is quite convenient.

So if you like Undertale and its humour, whether you've been stitching forever or just thought about starting, I strongly recommend this book.


My grandma got me this for christmas and before hand i didnt know how to cross stitch but when i got this it was easy to learn! The one thing i wish is that muffet was in the book, i cant seem to find patterns for her in the online patterns or in the book. so that kinda sucks, but besides for that its really cool!

This book's nothing to get "cross" about, and filled me with determination!

It gives a fabulous tutorial on cross stitch basics and all the great sprite and scene references (plus, the comments by Toby here and there are hilarious).


I‘ve bought this book and thought it would just sit on the shelf as I never stitched anything before. But I love it so much and can‘t stop spending all my time stitching my favorite characters. I was disappointed that Onionsan isn‘t in this book but after running out of threads I realized that there is a link with additional patterns and now I need to get new materials asap


I was lucky enough to receive this book as a gift and it is brilliant. Simple enough patterns for those just starting out in cross stitch but also good enough for the experienced stitcher to be more than happy. The little comments within the book continue the things I loved about the game.

The tips for beginners and suggestions for projects are great too.

A must buy for anyone who is a fan of Undertale and either interested in starting cross stitch or already a seasoned stitcher


Cross Stitch Book

by Gina Coleman and Kari Fry

Save $4UNDERTALE Cross Stitch Kit

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The official UNDERTALE cross stitch guide, designed by Gina Coleman (Sirithre) with layout by Ryan Novak and Kari Fry. This highly-detailed 128-page guide measures approximately 7 x 10 inches and features concealed wire-o binding that helps it lie flat while you work while still looking nice on a bookshelf! Inside you'll find everything you need to fall down into the world of UNDERTALE cross stitch:

  • A detailed guide on how to cross stitch, from start to finish.
  • Nearly 300 patterns from all throughout the game.
  • Examples of framing and mounting your projects, and alternative crafting examples.
  • A bunch of last-minute quotes written by Toby Fox in like 2 hours.
  • More dogs than you can possibly count. Go on, we dare you to try.

Have a look at the free preview PDF to see what's in store!

Want to start stitching right away? Then be sure to add on the UNDERTALE Cross Stitch Kit to get all the supplies needed to begin your first projects.

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