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Mach Pizza

by Winter Artwork

$15.00 USD

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Online ordering? I'm sorry, sir, do you have the right Mach Pizza? Look, you want to order something online, try our shirt. Forward did a soft, waterbase print of our iconic logo on super-soft 50/50 blend unisex shirts—100 percent cotton for the women's sizes.

Comes with a free fridge magnet, too. But what am I, a shirt guy? Fuggedaboutit.

Unisex XS-2X American Apparel BB401
Women's S-2X American Apparel 2102
Unisex 3X-6X Gildan 8000

Look, you want a Mach Pizza, you use the phone. You don't waltz right into our parlor, and you certainly don't order "online." You make a call from a pay phone, you wait a little while, and our top-hatted delivery corps gets you a hot, fresh, health-restoring pizza at the speed of sound.