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I love all the art in this book! And the extra details are always nice.

Good but bad bindings

It was beautiful beyond belief although it is a shame because when I looked more closely at the pages they were falling out of the book so I hope it can be improved to have better bindings

Sorry to hear you received a defective copy! Please send us an email to with your order details and we will help you out.
Not what I was expected

Tbh, I'm a little bit disappointed. I was hoping for a guidebook (with a map and everything) and it is not that. So my bad, that's on me, I should have read more carefully what it was about. The book in itself is beautiful, no question, but, like others, it's falling appart and I'm very careful of my stuff. So, yeah, meh.

Beautiful art and writing, but be weary of the bindings...

On the surface of the water, this book is simply gorgeous! Beautiful artworks, good writing charms, and a nice hard cover design: What you'd probably expect when purchase such a book.

But good gosh, I read the book for 10 minutes and the first few pages have already started falling off! I made sure to flip the pages as gently as possible considering I don't have easy access to such a collector's item, so no, I didn't tug at the pages or accidentally pulled them out. I sincerely hope this issue is rectified, it's a shame for a book of such great content quality to be subjugated to bad physical conditioning...

Sorry to hear you received a defective copy! We've gotten in touch in response to your email inquiry and have shipped a replacement.
Lemm can keep his geo

Honestly? This is such a precious book! There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said - it's of excellent quality overall, and seems reasonably durable as well. The artwork is beautiful and very appealing, and while the actual lore it offers are things that one may (or you know, depending on your run, might not) have picked up in the game already, there are pieces and insights that aren't found elsewhere, which is lovely as well (not to mention, I also quite enjoyed how there are hints towards certain, easily missable in-game secrets hoho)
Overall, it's a good product 10/10 I'm glad to have picked it up

Hollow Knight

Wanderer's Journal

by Kari Fry and Ryan Novak


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Hollow Knight Collector's Edition

Join the chronicler Ellina on a journey into the depths of Hallownest and explore the mysteries of this ruined kingdom.

Produced in collaboration with Team Cherry. Created by Kari Fry and Ryan Novak, the dynamic duo that brought you the Stardew Valley Guidebook, this lovingly illustrated 160-page hardcover journal features:

  • A comprehensive guide to all of Hallownest's varied environments
  • Friendly faces, fearsome foes, flora, fauna and fungi
  • A void-black faux leather cover with silver and blue foil that shines like a Lumafly Lantern

This beautiful 5.5 x 8.5 inch volume should be on every brave explorer's bookshelf. After all, we can't let Lemm hoard all the Wanderer's Journals, can we?

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