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Trinkets and baubles, paid for in blood

I purchased this with the art book because of the discount. Man, I didn't know this would be so cool!

The box feel premium quality (and same style as the art book) in your hands, the figures are sturdy and very well printed. Inside, they added the Ancestor's quote I just expected to see :D There's a big variety of items included, so you can set at least two scenes.
What's sad is that there's only boring castle backgrounds - IMO, other locations are way more interesting. Good they included a burning town and Vvulf. Plus, not all the heroes are present. Oh, I just wish they made a board game.

Fantastic Curio

This product is really cool. Even my bro - who played the game for a time and decided it wasn't for him - was very jealous when he set eyes on the set of pieces. I do wish that it included more heroes and more of the cove and warrens enemies, but I'm stoked to have what I have. If you play the game, you should make a point of owning this.

Absolutely Incredible.

This product absolutely blew my mind. For its low price I would have been happy with a forth of the quality they gave me, but they really went all out, and boy am I glad they did. The figurines are sturdy and nice to look at, and they give me so much to work with I'm thinking of buying even more sets. 10/10.

Not including a number of pieces, but still a lovely display

Just got it as a gift, the box contained a lot of good-looking pieces. Even tho everything inside is of great quality, there are some characters that weren't in the box that I would have wanted, like the Man-At-Arms, Houndmaster, both of the Abominations, Antiquarian, Arbalest, Bounty Hunter, Jester and thats just the characters missing. If I include all the enemies and bosses that I would want, that would include: everything from the Weald, Cove and Warrens. Everything in The Darkest Dungeon I could live without, but the 4 non-dlc missions all contain things I would have loved to have, therefore I hope there will come an expansion which include all the things from the base-game not present in the box.
The product is still an astounding displaypiece (and there is a lot that can be done with it), the box is stunning and the letter inside is lovely. But when there are so many pieces missing I can't help but feel that I got a taste of this "could-be-amazing" product, instead of an actual amazing product.
If it had contained all player characters, it would get +1 star. All non-dlc area pieces would be +1 star, and if both were included this would be one of the greatest thing I ever would have had the pleasure of owning. And any DLC-related pieces I would gladly get whenever they became avalible.

Flawless production

This set is remarkably well-produced. Not one flaw in the entire package. The materials are tough and feel great in the hand -- they'll last for years. And the number of different pieces -- the curios, the bosses, and all the heroes -- is really amazing. I keep them on my desk and could set up a different every day for weeks.

Darkest Dungeon Limited Edition Diorama

by Fangamer


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Reenact your most harrowing battles, only with less visceral fear and exhaustion. 

Each set includes two reversible scenes and five sheets of sturdy cardboard characters, all in Darkest Dungeon's unmistakeable visual style. This limited edition diorama set includes "Vvulf's Raiders," which will never be reprinted!

Sale ends June 30, 2020.

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