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Our goal is to celebrate, encourage, and advance the art of gaming. To that end, our daily business spans a few categories:

  • Merchandise is, of course, our bread and butter. We design, produce, print, package, and ship a huge variety of merchandise from our office in Tucson, AZ.
  • Events are how we reach out to our community.
    • Fanfests are celebrations of the classic games we grew up with. Once or twice a year we'll pick a game and organize a play-through during which our colleagues and friends broadcast live from all over the world. The community turns out en masse to chat, play along, and submit art. There is usually pizza.
    • Conventions are a yearly tradition for us. Currently we attend two: PAX East (Boston) each spring and PAX Prime (Seattle) each Fall.
    • Charity events are our way of giving back. With a little help from our friends at Desert Bus, The Speed Gamers, and the Starmen.Net community, we donate thousands of dollars each year to charities like Child's Play, ACT Today!, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, and Civic Force.
  • Community is our lifeblood!


Fangamer was founded in 2007 by a group of friends who grew up running an EarthBound fan site called Starmen.Net. We started off with hopes/plans of using Starmen.Net's software as a basis for other fansites, but we quickly realized that advertising wasn't going to pay the bills.

We launched the Fangamer Store in August 2008 with four products (two shirts, a pin set, and a mug). Within hours the orders were flooding in, and it quickly became apparent that there was a huge demand for merchandise inspired by the older SNES-era games we grew up with. We have worked diligently ever since to create merchandise inspired by (and in honor of) our favorite games.

2009 was a busy year of expansion during which we finished/shipped The MOTHER 3 Handbook, brought on our second full-time employee, and moved from a spare bedroom into an office.

In 2010 we brought on our third and fourth full-timers and began working with small, independent gaming companies including 2 Player Productions and Far From Subtle. We also nailed down a booth at PAX East -- the start of a yearly tradition. 

In 2011 worked hard to expand our partnerships with independent game developers (like Vblank) and other small gaming companies. We brought on a variety of part-time employees and prepared our fifth full-timer to show up after Christmas. We've also managed to cram the office with more merchandise than it should probably hold.

In 2012 we finally moved out of our hole-in-the-wall office space attached to the side of a radiator shop in favor of a couple of attached office units, each bigger than our old office. By the end of the year, we added yet another office unit, making the office over three times bigger than it was at the end of 2011. During that time we focused on partnerships with folks like Attract Mode (leading to our joint art show at PAX Prime), Ashley Davis, Kari Fry, SEIBEI, Zac Gorman, and Klei Entertainment. We also handled fulfillment for several successful Kickstarters for our friends, such as 2-Player Productions' Minecraft: the Story of Mojang, the Double Fine Adventure, Chris Furniss's 31 Days of Zero Suit Samus, and our own Retrowear Kickstarter. We brought four new full-time employees into the fold over the course of the year, bringing our army up to eight.

So far in 2013 we have expanded our office a bit yet again and brought on two more full-time employees. We've created partner stores for fan music master Mustin, the indie game FTL, our friends at Venus Patrol, and CAPY, but our primary goal for the year has been focusing on our own projects again. This promises to be an exciting year...


Fangamer Staff



Reid Young, CEO and resident father
We are all his adopted children.
Twitter: @reidman


Steve Campos, special effects/customer service whiz
Follow him for non sequiturs and facts about Tucson.
Twitter: @StevenCampos


Jon Kay, genius designer
Does his best work to Blast Corps music.
Twitter: @thejonkay


Ryan Alyea, Lead Programmer
Provides a running commentary on tech news.
Twitter: @ROFISH


Charlie Verdin, PR dude, podcast host
Pontificates on the problem of seeming profound.
Twitter: @CharlieFangamer


Jeff Benson, videographer, podcast host
Mario Paint enthusiast.
Twitter: @JeffEBenson


Heidi Mandelin, Legends of Localization PR
She recently adopted kittens and couldn't be happier.
Twitter: @floatypoe


Laura Wilson, cartoons and customer service.
She's probably watching some bad anime right now.
Twitter: @weenietowne


Dan Moore, copy writer, podcast host
The only one who can talk baseball.
Twitter: @danup


Brian Jaworski, craftsman, handyman, gentleman.
Fangamer's most remote employee~
Twitter: @ShadowXion


Jenna Post, Slayer of Packing Slips.
Voted "Most Likely to be on Steam"
Twitter: @SillySaberLily


Jack Murphy, 3D modeler, mailroom warrior.
Voted "Most Likely to be Mistaken for Reid"
Twitter: @cyberstiky


Audrey Waner, crafty designer.
Productivity incarnate. Secret weapon. Layout-slayer.
Twitter: Wait, seriously, no twitter? Come on Audrey.


Michael Ferguson, Part-Timer Extraordinaire
It's always a party when Michael arrives! Likes anime and PSPs.
Twitter: @Nosyum